Feeling very V.I.P.

La vida tiene de estas cosas. Te seleccionan un mes para ir en movilidad a la University of the West Indies y acabas siendo entrevistada para la edición nº 13 de marzo de 2012 de la CHILL Magazine del campus de Cave Hill, Barbados, tal que así:

[…] Recently, International Officer at the University of Porto, Ana Mato, toured the three UWI campuses promoting the Portuguese institution as an option for persons applying for Mundus ACP scholarships. The University of Porto – which has 4 faculties and one business school – is the coordinating institution for the Mundus ACP 2 prograrnme and offers nurnerous fields of study but specialises in engineering, economics architecture and the arts.

Regarding the development of new courses of study, Mato explained this would be done “across universities and you must have at least three universities one of which must be from Europe to be the coordinating institution… UWI can be part of this initiative to create new programmes, not only for students from UWI, but for students all over the world”.

Mato, who was on a month-long Mundus ACP scholarship to visit and work at UWI, said Cave Hill students and staff responded enthusiastically to the prospect of experiencing life at the University of Porto and collaborating with persons there. Following her tour in Barbados, she returned to the St. Augustine Campus in Trinidad to work in the International Office, promoting the Erasmus Mundus ACP 2 project.

As for her observations on UWI, she said: “It was nice to see how a regional, multi-campus university works because that’s a new concept for us. It’s interesting how they relate to each other because, even though they are independent campuses, they work as a whole – as one institution”. […]

Quién no se va a sentir así very V.I.P.? =)


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